How did it begin?

How did this all begin? Ironically from the Mother Nature. I asked my friend to tell me what to draw and she answered: ''draw two cats fighting over a human'' so I drew the picture on the left. Then my imagination started to fly and I made her to be the mother nature. She first didn't have a sister until I decided to give her one. Now there is Summer and Winter.

This story doesn't only tell about Alice in Wonderland. The Wonderland is just a one piece of the story. And if you have read the comic you can see where the comic's name have came from. But it is not just because the word 'pieces' reads on her arm, it is also because there is so many characters from so many stories. It is like puzzle pieces to put in one story for Caroline to solve. And also her heart is just one big mess. I thought that name would be perfect for this comic.

Believe me or not Caroline first wasn't the broken one. She was more like a crazy fangirl. And she didn't even have black hair. Even her name was Caroline Hope instead of Caroline Northwind. But I wasn't happy with that and the sad main character felt much better. And even though the blackout in the beginning is clice, it is still the best option for this story.

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